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Behind the Lens

This is the page where I can introduce you to me, through the power of the internet. At least this way there’ll be no surprise when we meet up for the first time…

I have been a photographer ever since I reached double-digits and had my own little 35mm camera (a bright yellow Konica Pop, if you must know) and have had a camera close to hand ever since. A keen digital photographer, my brand of choice is currently Canon, but I have recently added a Panasonic GF1 to the arsenal which takes stunning pictures in a nice small form factor.

I have been known to take a snap or two with my iPhone too – you can see those and more on my (non-wedding) gallery site, or my flickr pages…

From being asked to shoot a friends wedding, I found that I really enjoyed the feeling of being an observer, a documentarian and a historian. Knowing that the images I create will be a big part of the memories of such a special day is an amazing feeling that I hope comes across in the galleries you see here.

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